Tuesday, 13 September 2011

madeinsouth - start

Hello, i'm 17, male. My name is ____, haha you didn't think i'd tell you my name! Who are you? i'm writing to my other alter egos, of which there are 3 not including the usual self. James Mount, Jenny Brooke and Superstar so if your a interweb stroller that cam across this blog. keep reading. So here goes, my first blog post.. Lets start with: Imagine its your last day a High-School before summer break, and one person is on your mind, for me its the jock of my school a blonde typical dream guy, harry is the name. and yes i like guys and girls, i thought while being raised by the media throughout my younger life, why not open the door the the real 21st century world, and try everything there is to offer. Anyway back to the amazing imagined story i'm focusing this post on. So i'm walking down a school corridor on the last day of term at my High School, thinking of the dream jock harry, ohh how fulfilled i'd be if we actually even spoke, let alone bumped into each other by accident. As i gazed up from the floor, i saw the door at the end of the long corridor bust open and who'd of guessed, harry came flying through (slow motion in my eyes) As we try to not lock eyes while the awkward moment of him running towards me in a empty sunlit corridor took place, he decided to actually stare at me, do a cheeky smile/laugh look down and say 'wow'. WTF is up with that? Is it me or does he know i like him? Seriously that seemed staged by someone who's been listening to my dreams. Is there a god? NO it happened, and i'm great-full to fate it took place. Now i'm just waiting to see what happens next in my life. keep up to date with my crazy life every day right here on madeinsouth.